So it's been a very busy week for me and my client and today he had a hearing aid appointment. His daughter relay the message to me letting me know that his appointment was at 11:30. Get here and find out that the appointment was for 11 and the doctor is not in but on lunch and the secretary was getting ready to leave for class. Being that it was my first time taking my client to his hearing aid appointment I was kind of flabbergasted on what to do. Even though she had a class to go to Deja🥰 took the time to clean his hearing aids and refill his batteries and just as she finished the doctor walked in to continue the rest of the appointment! 😊Thank you so much it was a great experience he is all set and I am truly thankful that you guys were able to take care of him even though we were supposed to be there at 11🤗🤗🤗😍😍
Currently Makin'Moves, on Google
I recently had a checkup of my hearing aids, and with a little adjustment on the volume to balance the sound coming to both ears all was fine. I’m very pleased with the professional care I receive as well as the warm friendly staff at Beach Hearing. Sincerely thankful Doug Kist
Douglas Kist, on Google
I was greeted promptly. Service was great. Thank you Steve!
Janet Edminston-Moore, on Google
I would recommend this office and Brad Yoho to anyone. Brad adjusted my hearing aids and add some choices to choose from and it was amazing the diffrence it mad. I from out of town and wish my doctor took the time Brad did to explain the care and maintenance going foward.
Brenda Salazar, on Google

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