I had a good visit with my ear Dr. Today.. Mr. Brad...he sat with me quite a while and discussed adjusting my hearing aids....and options for upgrading my aids in the future if need be...and payment plans... But then when it was time to leave...I had asked for more batteries for my hearing aids of which I know i had gotten /just given to me as I left from last / previous appointments there!!.. Today when I left I was told to pay a fee of $ 50.00 for a box of hearing aid now I'm a little confused..!!...😒.... Well...I guess maybe my insurance plan paid for my last box of batteries...idk ..and not paying for them now?? But I know they were just always given to me!!! Well..I guess I'll just get them at my local drug store as I really don't have that money to get my aid batteries.... This is the only issue I had today....
Marykate pesce, on Google
I was really impressed. Very professional and compassionate. Didn’t feel pressured into making an immediate decision. Explained the results, gave me options.
M Smith, on Google
Did not have to wait long to begin taken care of. My hearing aids were clea0ned and all of my concerns were addressed and taken care of.
Helen Tyo, on Google
With excellent customer service, professional friendly, and knowledgeable with his job. Thank you very much for all the services you provided.
Claro Cortez, on Google
From the time you walk in to Dasia greeting you by name. It gives you the feel like family. Brad takes the time to listen to his clients needs. He looks at every option that is in the company lineup. Ultimately the choice is the Clients. Brad gives them all the information needed to make an informed decision. My time spent their has value and made my life better.
Brian Hoover, on Google

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