Spoke with Mrs. Johnson at the front desk here, I just want to say she was very much helpful. she was knowledgeable and had a very informative answer to every question had. she made this very easy for me while I shop for my fathers hearing aid. I definitely will be making my appointment just because of Mrs. Johnson. I can see why she is working directly with customers , I'm not sure what they are paying her but I'm sure she deserves a raise. Thank You.!!!
Conner Swerve, on Google
I needed one of my hearing aids repaired, and I usually go to the VA (they are closed due to covid). So I searched the net and found Beach Hearing Aid Centers and they gave me a same day appointment. They confirmed that they could fix my hearing aid and have it back in about a week for a pretty reasonable fee. For me it was pay the fee or be deaf, that simple. This was a no brainer and Beach Hearing Aid Centers could have charged much more but provided a solution that was reasonable and fair to all. Thank you very much for the service. With the VA being down, I know where I'll be going for future hearing aid problems.
John Crane, on Google
Excellent staff and very professional.
Sonny Filio, on Google
I definitely chose the right hearing aid center. Cory has so much patience showing me how to use my devices with my hearing aids during many visits and he welcomes my husband to the visits also. I now can hear what is being discussed at meetings. Thank you Cory!
Fran Kummers, on Google
Fantastic staff and a very welcoming atmosphere. I was born with hearing loss and was hesitant to attempt at wearing hearing aids again. I’m so glad I made the appointment. With my new hearing aids, I feel confident with my hearing again! I highly recommend Beach Hearing Aid Center!
Jeanette Beckhart, on Google

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